Travel Tips for European Destinations

Do you have a trip to Europe of your bucket list? It’s exciting to research and explore the endless possibilities for sightseeing dining and destinations. For those travelling to Europe for the first time, follow these recommendations from the travel experts to ensure your trip is a huge success filled with a life time of memories.

Begin the planning process by defining your budget and dates. Before booking your flight, check the expiration date on your passport. Many European countries require at least ninety days remaining prior to the expiration date past the date on the return airline ticket. Entry into Europe with one way tickets is only permissible for those that have secured temporary work visas or student visas. Allow at least ninety days for applications for new passports or passport renewals to be processed at the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Appointments for passport renewals can be made at your local post office. Pay special attention to the documentation requirements for children under the age of eighteen.

It is recommended to spend at least three nights in each country if you are planning on touring several countries. Any few than three nights and you’re apt to miss many of the highlights of a country and will be spending a tremendous amount of time travelling from one country to the next. Book your flight to Europe into one of the major capitals and start your journey there. Given that the flights from the United States to Europe are in excess of nine hours, take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and stock up on healthy snacks from the huge assortment available from MediFast. Drink plenty of water throughout the flight and limit alcohol consumption to avoid dehydration.

Check with your cell phone plan provider on options for data access in the countries you’ll be visiting. Wifi hotspots are not nearly as plentiful in Europe as in the United States. Another option for data access is to purchase a SIM card in each country you visit. These are prepaid data cards. Check that your smartphone has an interchangeable SIM card prior to departure if you elect this option. Finally, order Euros from your local bank branch. These may take up to two weeks to arrive. Many of the smaller establishments in Europe do not accept credit cards. Exchange rates will be much more favorable at your local bank than at train station or airport kiosks.

Book your flights, book your accommodations and prepare to have the adventure of a lifetime!


Benefits of Renting a Private Villa Over a Hotel For Your

One of the most important aspects of planning a vacation in St Maarten is choosing where you can stay say Barbados Luxury Villa Rentals. No matter where you plan to go to, there are some different hotels, motels, resorts, getaway homes and condominiums, and more to choose between.

In the current blog, we will have a look at a few of the benefits of renting an exclusive villa versus staying in a hotel or at a holiday resort.


Most hotels are not suitable for getting a huge group together. The average hotel room is just about 400 sq. ft., so when you have a sizable group, you have to get multiple rooms to accommodate everyone. When you decide to stay in a private villa instead, your group can enjoy 3,000+ sq. Feet of space. You do not need to walk down an endless public hallway to greet your family and friends. Instead, you all talk about common areas but still, have your bedroom. There’s plenty of room to gather together in a private home, whereas in a hotel you would all have to cram into that small room. Benefit from the extra space to disseminate by choosing to bookSt Maarten Private Villa Rentals for the next vacation.


Perhaps one of the most expensive areas of a vacation is the price tag on meals. Eating dinner out at all times can make a dent in your bank account. When you stay in St Maarten Private Villa Rentals, you get access to a full kitchen. This enables anyone to create several meals at home, therefore saving money. While you will still want to try a few of the local cuisine, you can greatly reduce your food costs by getting ready some meals right there in your rental home. Furthermore, Lifestyle Villas offers

YOU’LL BE ABLE TO ENJOY SOME Level of privacy.

If you stay at a hotel or vacation resort, you have to share the space with a bunch of other people. How many times perhaps you have tried to go to the pool and then find it crowded with a bunch of people, particularly little kids that like to splash? Our luxury villa is renting, Barbados Luxury Villa Rentals feature private pools for you to enjoy during your stay. Additionally, you need not get dressed to travel eat breakfast time with a bunch of strangers in a common room. You can enjoy your morning cup of coffee from the comfort of your private home.


The enormous benefits do not stop there though – when you stay with Lifestyle Villas, we offer personal service like no other! Furthermore to our Barbados Luxury Villa Rentals, you can expect an array of particular services provided by usto over 40 full-time employees. Our professional concierges, butlers, destination specialists, housekeepers, cooks and private motorists are trained to make your experience in Barbados Luxury Villa Rentals one you will never forget. Just what exactly are you looking forward to – the decision is clear, book your reservations today!